We have been producing video, audio and design for clients for over 8 years and we have developed a deep understanding of light, movement and nuance that enables us to create stunning cinematic style wedding videos that almost breath romance and happiness.

We will tell the story of your wedding day from the moment you lavish with your glass of champagne to get ready for your day right through to your first dance and into the celebrations with all your guests.

Our team are experienced in wedding films and know where to be and the angles to shoot from using our professional video and audio equipment, we do not leave anything to chance.

Before the big day we will have discussed with you about your wedding expectations and anything special you want us to capture and any guests that are special to you. We will also explain to you how we will film, how we will work with your photographer and how capture the audio to it is truly outstanding. We will discuss with you any concerns you may have and reassure you from our experience with other loving couples and we can reassure you.

We will contact your photographer before the big day, to make sure that that they know we will complement their work and explain how we will work to give them any reassurances they need.

After the most amazing day of your life, our post production will start editing the footage into something that will truly stun you, whether a 5 to 20 minute signature film or a 40 to 80 minute documented video of the full days wedding.

In short, we will film something amazing and produce you a video that will make you laugh and cry with raw passion.