“Everytime we watch our wedding video, it makes me feel like I am there all over again”

About Us

Confetti Wedding Videos are professional videographers and designers with over 10 years in both videography and photography. Above all, our passion is to capture the ‘heart and sentiment’ of every wedding we film and turn into a true cinematic experience that you will want to watch ‘over and over’ again. We use professional video and audio equipment filming in both HD and 4K plus discreet audio recording devices that enable you to hear the whole ceremony and reception speeches in beautifully clear sound. It’s your day, and we will use multiple cameras to film you at your very best, but we know it’s your day and we will film you and your guests whilst being very discreet and without drawing attention to us. We know it another expense, but we will create something so beautiful it will make you laugh, cry and hug this year and all the years to come, even when you watch it with your future grandchildren.

What We Do

We have been producing video, audio and design for clients for over 8 years and we have developed a deep understanding of light, movement and nuance that enables us to create stunning cinematic style wedding videos that almost breath romance and happiness.

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What You Do

We will meet with you before the wedding either in person or by phone or skype. We will discuss with you your wedding and we will fill in a short questionnaire about your wedding so we need to know where we need to be and when, and also if there is anything special about your day that we need to know so we can be prepared for it.

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What You Do

What We Create

We go away with all the raw footage and get to work.

We call this post production and it is where we will go through and select all the footage to build up a sequence of your day from all the camera angles.

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You may have lots of questions and we will be happy to answer them at stage of the process, from your initial planning process right through to the final day.
The following is a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will enable you to choose Confetti Wedding Videos to capture your special day.
If you do have any other questions please contact us on 0116 326 9000


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If you have any questions, you want to meet up or you need more information,

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